Materials impact the Performance of Loudspeakers

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Materials impact the Performance of Loudspeakers

                                 Materials impact the Performance of  Loudspeakers

When many novices buy speakers, some people suggest buying wooden boxes, which are high-end. When you come to buy speakers, the other party deliberately pats the cabinet to show you, saying that it is solid wood and high-end.

In fact, this sentence is not wrong, but it is not necessarily true. It has preconditions. Even from the single aspect that the cabinet material is harmful to the tone, it must be correct.

Where is the reason?

This answer has to be related to the hazards of the cabinet material to the tone.

First, you have to figure out that the appearance, material, and airtightness of the cabinet are all harmful to the sound. Whether it is to clear the acoustic short-circuit fault or increase the sound intensity, the cabinet is all involved in the whole body.

After the visual fatigue of the boxy box, the appearance of more and more speakers in the box box became more and more irregular at first, but there is no doubt that the wooden box must be boxy.

But don’t look down on non-Huakang’s small boxes. The improvement of production technology can take into account the various ideas of interior designers that are compatible with acoustic materials.

Let’s talk about wooden boxes. In the past, most high-end speakers were made of wood. It can even be said that wooden boxes are basically high-end. But now it's different. Just like our previous generation of furniture was all solid wood, now all kinds of plywood and stamping plates are coming out. The real solid wood is getting lower and lower, and the real high-end solid wood is even less.

Why do we favor wooden boxes so much? The reason is very simple. When the relative density of wooden boxes is suitable, it can eliminate series resonance and acoustic short circuit faults very well. Note that here is the appropriate relative density. Wood of different materials will have different relative densities. Is the relative density of solid wood material the best?

Red Hifi speakers_n

That's not necessarily true. Because you have to figure out the logical relationship, first there are actors such as speakers and crossovers, and then you consider the appearance or material of the cabinet. At this stage, solid wood is something you can meet but cannot ask for, especially when solid wood returns to moisture, it is very easy to deform. High-end audio can use solid wood when it is technically cleared and the solid wood can meet the requirements.

At this stage, the popular wooden boxes are actually made of plywood with Mohr mass formula. This name is not very nice, because many ordinary people in our country have suffered from the disadvantage of high-density boards. Therefore, manufacturers generally use MDF instead. One of its characteristics is that it is cost-effective, and the other is that the processing technology is very easy, and it will not crack or deform in the middle and late stages. In terms of tone, the small wooden box has a good control over the series resonance, and its sound is much easier to make. Of course, the three-frequency can also achieve a very balanced situation.

Talking about plastic materials again, many people don't know the meaning of environmental protection. Generally speaking, plastic materials have the strongest ductility, but they have more refined processing techniques. At this stage, both boxes and Bluetooth speakers on the market are filled with plastic materials, but the sound is indeed good!

active speaker MT-3.1

There is also a relatively small group of metal materials. This is actually the most honed manufacturer’s technical level. It is necessary to ensure the artistic beauty of appearance, but also to fully consider the scientific research on acoustic materials, and most of them are made to meet the standards. All of them are quite expensive in the market. It’s hard to say one, two or three for the speaker with a metal cavity.

In the end, talking about the fabric material box,The fabric material bluetooth speaker has also become popular in recent years. Maybe everyone feels that the fabric material has no timbre hazard for Bluetooth speakers, but I have played several of them, and I still have some feelings.

Some of the inner cavities here are actually not completely fabric materials. They only replace the filter and encapsulate the outer shell. In addition, the series resonance of the Bluetooth speaker itself can be made very low, so it usually has Very good low frequency main performance.

Speaking of the final decision, I will make a summary of my opinions. In fact, it is not reasonable to simply use the material of the audio cabinet as the reference standard for purchasing audio. However, I believe that many people now buy audio to see the material for visual effects or hobbies. It is the decoration of the interior, but even so, you should not pay for the material casually.

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