Release the sound from the channel - Dolby Atmos concept

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 Release the sound from the channel - Dolby Atmos concept

               Release the sound from the channel - Dolby Atmos concept

By introducing two concepts to cinema sound, Dolby Atmos creates breathtaking, flowing sound: audio objects and overhead speakers. By combining the two, you can completely revolutionize the way tracks are made and heard.

Traditional surround soundtracks limit all effects to a few channels, so they can only sound from a few perceptual angles. This type of surround sound can't apply effects above your head. In addition, sound effects exist only as part of the channel mix. If one effect is enhanced in a traditional mix, other effects are suppressed.

By contrast, Dolby Atmos frees the sound from the channel. This technique allows artists to treat specific sound effects as separate entities (called "audio objects"). Soundtrack creators can precisely deploy and move such objects anywhere in the theater's 3D space without restricting them to a specific channel; of course, artists can continue to use the original channel functionality as needed. The Dolby Atmos cinema processor then chooses which of the various front, rear, side and overhead speakers in the theater to use to reproduce this lifelike motion.

As a result, the Dolby Atmos soundtrack brings the on-screen action to the audience in a way never before possible. The movie's sound effects will surround you and fully immerse you in the storyline, enhancing the story and creating an action-packed cinema experience.

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