Six questions about WIFI speaker knowledge

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Six questions about WIFI speaker knowledge

                    Six questions about WIFI speaker knowledge

In general speakers, the tweeter and woofer are arranged on the panel of the speaker, so their sounding centers cannot coincide with a point. In this way, the distance between the tweeter and the bass reaching the listener will be different, and this difference will lead to The phase deviation thus affects the correct restoration of the sound image of the speaker of the WIFI speaker manufacturer.

The coaxial speaker uses a coaxial unit, which is actually a combination of a tweeter unit and a woofer unit. , thus solving the problem of phase deviation.

The tweeter unit is tightly clamped between two identical mid/woofer units on the top and bottom, and the form is a bit like a dumbbell with a big one in the middle and a small one in the middle. The dumbbell arrangement can obtain a sounding effect similar to that of a point sound source, which is good for stereo sound image positioning, so this design is more popular recently.

Conventional speakers only have one set of input binding posts. The full-band signal from the power amplifier is sent to the speaker with a set of speaker wires. Inside the speaker, the high and low frequencies are separated by a frequency divider. Bi-wiring uses two sets of speaker wires to connect the power amplifier and the speakers, so that the high and low frequencies go their separate ways, and everyone does not involve each other. Bi-wiring requires the splitter's tweeter and woofer inputs to be separated, so the speaker must provide two sets of binding posts.

Speakers capable of bi-wiring can also adopt the conventional single-wire connection method, as long as the two sets of terminals are connected in parallel with the metal short-circuit piece that comes with the box.

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