Talking about the six types of subwoofers

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Talking about the six types of subwoofers

                      Talking about six types of subwoofers

A subwoofer is usually indispensable in a home theater audio system. Its main function is to reproduce the low-frequency sound effects in the movie sound effects. Today, the editor of Davecl Audio wants to introduce you to the classification of subwoofers, let’s take a look!

1. Airtight subwoofer

The enclosure of the enclosed subwoofer is airtight, with no channels or gaps to communicate with the outside world, and the woofer can be placed facing up, down, front, back, left, and right. The advantages of this kind of cabinet are simple manufacture, good quality, quick response in an instant, can withstand greater power, and the volume of the cabinet can be made relatively small.

2, bass reflex subwoofer

The cabinet of this type of subwoofer usually has one or more bass reflex holes. The front wave of the woofer can be transmitted out of the cabinet through the bass reflex holes and mixed with the positive wave of the woofer, thereby increasing the low-frequency volume. The advantage of this kind of speaker is lower distortion and higher power. It can be lower than the lower cut-off frequency of the closed box, but the instant response is slightly worse.

3, passive subwoofer

It is a passive subwoofer. There is no special drive amplifier in this subwoofer, and it has no drive capability. It needs to be driven by an external power amplifier. The music signal is obtained from the output of the power amplifier, and it also has a The group signal output terminal transmits the divided music signal to the main box. Since the power amplifier needs to drive the main box and the subwoofer, the load increases, so the driving force will be dispersed. There are relatively few such subwoofers at present.

4, active subwoofer

is also called an active subwoofer. This subwoofer has a built-in amplifier, so you can get low-level music signals from the subwoofer output of the AV amplifier. And most active subwoofers will also be equipped with high-level input and output terminals, that is, use speaker cables to connect. In a home theater, the subwoofer cannot be connected with a speaker cable, because the output of the subwoofer signal from the AV power amplifier or the decoding pre-stage is through the low-level RCA terminal or CLR terminal, not from the speaker cable terminal. In the case of a two-channel gun, the music signal can be transmitted to the gun through the second output of the front stage or the back stage.

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5, band-pass subwoofer

The cabinet of the band-pass subwoofer includes two independent cabinets. One is hidden inside. The cabinet is airtight. The bass unit is installed inside. The diaphragm faces the other cabinet, which is invisible from the outside. Another box room communicates with the outside through a bass reflex hole. When the woofer starts to move, the air in the outer cabinet is driven through the bass reflex hole to form an acoustic wave filter, which produces a four-stage filtering effect on a certain frequency band. Withstand power is the best. The instant response is only a little worse than a closed subwoofer. However, the high cost of this subwoofer is relatively rare.

6, transmission line type subwoofer

There is a closed pipe inside the subwoofer from large to small. The large end is connected to the back of the bass unit to receive the back wave of the unit, and the smaller end is the outlet. The length of the pipe must be at least a quarter of the wavelength of the lower cut-off frequency, and the inner wall of the pipe needs to be equipped with appropriate sound-absorbing materials. The function of the pipe is to extend the low-frequency cut-off frequency downward by the back wave of the bass unit to achieve a lower frequency response. The low frequency can be extended lower. The design cost of the transmission subwoofer is more expensive, so it is very rare.

The above is all about the "Analysis of the Six Types of Subwoofers" shared by the editor of Davecl Audio, who is specialized in the development of home theatre speakers, stereo amplifiers, power amplifiers , as well car audio ,marine audio equipments and so on , If you have anything else you want to know about Davecl products, please consult the email: Davecl official website:

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