The Role of the Subwoofer

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The Role of the Subwoofer

                                      The Role of the Subwoofer

1. The subwoofer is a common name or abbreviation for everyone. Strictly speaking, it should be: subwoofer Speaker.

2. The role is mainly divided into two aspects:

(1) Tone

It mainly depends on the frequency, but also the intensity of the sound. The human ear responds to high-frequency sounds with high pitch and low-frequency sounds to low pitch. The change in pitch with frequency (Hz) is basically logarithmic. Different musical instruments play notes of the same frequency, although their timbre is different, but their pitch is the same, that is, the fundamental frequency of the playing sound is the same.

(2) Tone

When different musical instruments sound the same tone, their timbre can be quite different. This is because although their fundamental frequencies are the same, their harmonic components are quite different. Therefore, the timbre not only depends on the fundamental frequency, but also is closely related to the harmonics that are integral multiples of the fundamental frequency. This makes each instrument and each person have a different timbre.

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