The composition of a car subwoofer

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 The composition of a car subwoofer

                             The composition of a car subwoofer

To analyze the subwoofer circuit composition, it is generally composed of pre-amplification, low-pass filtering, phase adjustment, power amplification, protection and power supply.

As far as its function is concerned, the pre-amplification is to further amplify the super bass signal output by the AV power amplifier to an amplitude sufficient to drive the full power output of the power amplifier part, because the voltage of the super bass signal provided by each brand of AV power amplifier is different, generally from 0.3 -1 volt range, so the pre-amplifier is still necessary. Another important role of the pre-amp circuit is to play the role of isolation and buffering. Because the super bass signal output by each brand of power amplifier is different, some manufacturers steal the design. material, resulting in a high output internal resistance, if you directly drive the power amplifier unit of the subwoofer, the effect may be very bad;

Low-pass filtering is a relatively important unit in the circuit part of the subwoofer. Its function is to further filter the signals above the low frequency mixed in the super bass signal output by the power amplifier. Generally, the design will be 80-180Hz (many high-end products will filter The low-end cut-off frequency of the speaker is designed to be continuously adjustable), if it is a fixed frequency filter, the general value is about 110-150Hz. Too low a speaker is easy to produce mixed sound, and if it is too high, it is easy to be mixed into the human ear. music signal;

There is no unified regulation on whether the super bass signal output by the AV power amplifier of each brand is in reverse phase or normal phase. Therefore, the phase adjustment is to use the subwoofer in normal phase or in reverse phase according to the needs of the system connection when the subwoofer is placed, depending on the effect. It depends, and it is generally necessary;

The power amplifier unit does not need to be wordy, it is the core of the active subwoofer;

Similarly, in order to protect the subwoofer to work safely and to protect the equipment from damage to valuable parts or amplify the fault in the event of an abnormality, a protection circuit is generally necessary;

The power supply is the power for each circuit unit to work, and it is the basic component.

What needs to be added is that some subwoofers have recently been designed with an automatic power control function, which enables the subwoofer to automatically turn off the main power of the subwoofer when there is no signal.

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