The difference between actiive speakers and passive speakers

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 The difference between actiive speakers and passive speakers

                            The difference between active speaker and passive speakers

If the general speaker system is classified according to the design system, it can be divided into two categories: active speakers and passive speakers. Active speakers are equipped with a sound amplification circuit in the speaker box, but such a design will cause the speakers on both sides. The volume ratio is different, and because of space constraints, it is impossible to install an overly complex sound processing circuit that even affects the expression of the sound. However, active speakers are more convenient, they only need standard sound signals, and they can emit enough volume. Passive speakers only install a single speaker in the speaker, so the original standard sound signal must be enhanced by other power amplifiers to stimulate the speaker. However, because the volume of its speakers is relatively uniform, the sound expressed is also more accurate. The defense system of these two speakers can be argued from two aspects: whether there are knobs in appearance, and whether they need power supply. Active speakers need power, which is supplied to the internal amplifier, and there are usually volume control knobs and power switches on the panel. Passive speakers do not have these switch knobs, nor are they allowed to require extra power, and there is a single signal connector behind the speaker. Most of the multimedia speakers used in computers are actively designed, while passive speakers are more commonly used in home and professional audio-visual equipment.

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