The difference between tube amplifier and power amplifier

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The difference between tube amplifier and power amplifier

              The difference between tube amplifier and power amplifier

Power amplifier is referred to as power amplifier, commonly known as "amplifier". It is the most basic equipment in the audio system. Its task is to amplify the weak electrical signal from the signal source (from the mixer in the professional audio system) to drive the speaker to emit sound. .

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The function of the power amplifier is to amplify the weak signal from the audio source or the pre-amplifier to promote the speaker to play. The role of a good sound system amplifier is indispensable.

Power amplifiers can be said to be the largest family of all kinds of audio equipment. Its function is mainly to amplify the weaker signal input by the audio equipment to generate enough current to push the speaker to reproduce the sound. Due to the consideration of power, impedance, distortion, dynamics, and different use ranges and control and adjustment functions, different power amplifiers have different internal signal processing, circuit design and production processes.

Power amplifiers made of vacuum tubes are called tube amplifiers. Tube amplifiers have good amplitude-frequency characteristics, low output distortion, high price, large volume, and high power consumption. Semiconductor power amplifiers use transistor power amplifiers and integrated circuit power amplifiers. , The semiconductor power amplifier is low in price, small in size and low in power consumption. The distortion is slightly larger than that of the tube amplifier. The mid-bass of the tube amplifier is better for listening to tender music. The semiconductor amplifier is better for music with a strong sense of rhythm, and the middle and high frequencies are brighter.

The relationship between the two is that the tube amplifier is a type of power amplifier. It is a tube power amplifier, but generally has a small power and is used as a preamplifier. Tube power amplifiers and transistor power amplifiers have their own advantages and disadvantages, and we cannot simply say who is good and who is not. Subjectively speaking, due to differences in experience, literacy, taste, etc., people often prefer a certain amplifier. In a word, it's better to get what you need. If you like orchestral music, especially chamber music and vocals, then tube amplifiers should be your first choice. If you especially like jazz, rock and modern music, you should choose transistor amplifiers; The reproducible scene of sound and light that shakes the body and mind, I am afraid that the transistor power amplifier is also indispensable.

The above is the whole content of the tube amplifier and power amplifier that Xiaobian introduced to you. The functions of the two in the audio are similar. After the above introduction, everyone should also know that the tube amplifier is actually a kind of power amplifier. The other name of the tube amplifier is the tube power amplifier. The attributes of it and the power amplifier are basically amplifiers. The tube amplifier is the amplifier of the tube, and the power amplifier is the power amplifier. Both are relatively basic equipment in the audio system and are irreplaceable.

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