The knowledge from speaker entry to master

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The knowledge from speaker entry to master

                   The knowledge from speaker entry to master                        

(1)-Elementary knowledge of speakers

As the terminal equipment of audio frequency, the speaker is like a human voice, which determines the quality of a set of audio to a large extent. It is no exaggeration to say: Choosing a good pair of speakers is the key to the success of a set of speakers, not to be sloppy. However, looking at today’s audio market, there are hundreds of finished speaker brands, many of which are well-known international brands: such as BOSE (Ph.D.), JBL, INFINITY (Yan Feilishi), Westlake Audio (West Lake), PolkAudio (Music Sound): British ATC (ace), B&W, Tannoy (Tianlang), MonitorAudio (strong brand), KEF, HARBETH (first clear after rain): Denmark (Crown) DYNAUD10 (Tanner), DALI (Dan Ni), Jamo (Zunbao): Germany's Heco (Deco), Mili (Maagnat), ELAC (Electricity); France's Dream Voice (VIS10NACOUSTIQUE), JMLab (Jinglang): Domestic products have the sound of beauty The God of War series, Jin Lang, Hivi, Xindak, Gospel, Little Whirlwind, etc., are numerous and numerous. The quality is uneven, and the price varies greatly. Even the speakers of the same brand and the same series often have a slightly higher sound quality, and the price will rise several times as a geometric product. This is precisely because since mankind invented electronic audio engineering, only speakers have the slowest progress and the weakest technology. According to the British "Fever Book" records: a well-known British veteran evergreen tree phonograph Rogersls 3/5 was launched in the 1960s and sold for nearly 40 years. Its pure and elegant sound is still used by many senior Hi-Fis. Audiophiles regard it as a hot seller. In today's highly developed audio technology, it is really puzzling. So you must not underestimate the construction of the speakers, don't think that the speakers are just a few speakers and a few Hi-Fi or Hi-END boxes. The knowledge of speakers is too big to write, and there are different opinions from each school. Just like the dispute between Chinese medicine and Western medicine in the medical field, or the treatment of some intractable diseases: the one who can explain it can not cure the disease, and the one who can cure the disease can't understand it. However, for consumers, we only need to learn how to identify and select. So is there a popular and simple way for most inexperienced consumers to learn to judge the quality of a pair of speakers not by expensive price or luck, but by listening to the "seven points" of the speakers described below:

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