The relationship between power amplifier and speakers

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The relationship between power amplifier and speakers

                      The relationship between power amplifier and speakers

Amplifiers and speakers are somewhat related, but they are two different things. Speakers, usually wooden boxes, have speakers embedded in them. 

The loudspeaker is the sound equipment in the speaker. It is mainly composed of a magnet, a voice coil and a paper plate attached to the voice coil. When the electroacoustic signal passes through the voice coil, a magnetic field will be generated on the voice coil, and the change of the magnetic field will be reflected in the magnet. Under the action of the magnetic force, the paper tray vibrates and makes a sound. If you only rely on the speaker like the above picture to make sound, the sound lacks resonance, and if it is installed in a wooden box, when the paper plate of the speaker vibrates, the paper plate will vibrate with the air in the wooden box, which will resonate and make the sound. Loud and nice.

The picture below is a speaker made of speakers mounted on a wooden box:

To push the speaker on the speaker to sound, it needs to provide it with an electro-acoustic signal, and this signal also needs to have enough energy, so between the program source (such as DVD player, TV, etc.) and the speaker, an energy A power amplifier that amplifies the energy of the sound signal of the program source, this device is referred to as a power amplifier for short.

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