What Are the Home Theatre

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What Are the Home Theatre

                               What Are the Home Theater Speakers

Everyone knows that in a home theater system, there are three main components: audio part, video part, audio-visual signal source and various wires.


We can vividly compare it to a person, then the speaker is the person’s mouthpiece, the amplifier is the person’s brain, the projection and other display devices are equivalent to the eyes, and various audio and video cables are equivalent to the blood vessels of the person. But these blood vessels are not blood, but audio and video signals.

Speaking of home theater speakers, it has a history of decades. In terms of usage, there are ordinary placement speakers, hanging speakers, and embedded (custom-installed) speakers. There are many types of ordinary speakers, such as floor-standing, bookshelf, and satellite, which can be described as diverse.

Technically, it can be divided into traditional speakers, electrostatic speakers, flat speakers and other common types. There are many types of speakers in traditional speakers, such as full-range speakers, tweeters, coaxial (with crossover technology) speakers, etc., while electrostatic speakers must be electrostatic speakers, and there are many very niche speakers. There are generally two sets of vibrating voice coils under the diaphragm of the flat-panel speaker. The flat-panel speaker has excellent sound quality and has the advantages of wide frequency range, low distortion, and good transient response.

From the function, it can be divided into active speakers and passive speakers. Generally, the main box, center and surround speakers in the home theater audio system are passive. Some subwoofers (subwoofers) are active, and some are Passive. Active speakers, also known as "active speakers", usually refer to speakers with power amplifiers, such as common desktop computer multimedia speakers, and some new home theater active speakers. Passive speakers are also called "passive speakers". Passive speakers are ordinary speakers that we usually use without a power amplifier circuit inside.

In terms of location or responsibilities, it can also be divided into main speakers, center speakers and surround speakers.

The main box is the most important pair of speakers in the home theater audio system, which is responsible for supporting the magnificent scene sound effects of the entire movie. The sound and music that accompany the picture we see are all emitted from the main speaker;

The center speaker is a home theater. The throat of a home theater is generally a speaker. All the main vocal dialogues in the movie are emitted from the center speaker;

The number of surround speakers is variable. For a 5.1-channel home theater, there are 2 surround speakers, and for 7.1 it is 4... The latest Dolby Atmos technology supports up to 64 channels. How many surround speakers do you say? The function of the surround speakers is to improve the sound envelopment of the home theater. People watching the movie seem to be on the scene of the movie. For example, when watching a war movie, you will feel like you are on the battlefield. You can feel bullets passing by and shells at your side. Exploding around...

The subwoofer (subwoofer) is the ".1" in the 5.1 and 7.1 channels. Needless to say, everyone should understand that the subwoofer is mainly responsible for the subwoofer channel. How low is the subwoofer? It is generally below 200HZ, which means that this low-frequency sound is between sound and airflow, similar to a roar, and at the same time, you can feel the airflow like wind. So what is his role? For example, you are watching the hobbit and the dragon invading the kingdom of the dwarves. When the dragon pushes the city wall, you will feel the shock of the sky and the earth cracking, as if you are standing under the wall and watching the violent dragon show its power, creating this The sound effect of large scenes such as explosions is the subwoofer.


The main speakers, center speakers, surround speakers, and subwoofer speakers together form the speaker system of a home theater. Of course, with the development of new technologies, the sound channel is constantly increasing, but it is inseparable from its originality and cannot be separated from this framework. . Understanding the principles of speakers and sound channels can better guide us to build a home theater system and enjoy high-quality audio and video entertainment life.

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