What are the advantages and disadvantages of in-wall speakers?

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 What are the advantages and disadvantages of in-wall speakers?

                               What are the advantages and disadvantages of in-wall speakers?

  1. Embedded speakers are made with integrated modules. The traditional ones are made with only a few power amplifier and filter circuits.

2. The embedded sound box woofer is characterized by a unique polymer-injected polymer material bionic treatment to form a flat-panel diaphragm with a three-dimensional disordered structure. The extremely light weight makes it possible to achieve good stability together with ideal internal losses and a high elastic modulus, which basically eliminates split oscillations.

Wall speaker 825s

3. The embedded speaker adopts a powerful drive system, with a diameter of 80mm strontium ferrite aerospace magnet, an edge silver-copper-clad aluminum winding voice coil, a high-linearity suspension and a high-strength frame, so that the woofer produces a deep sound. and high-level frequency response.

4. Recessed speaker This high-performance tweeter incorporates the excellent properties of titanium and silk, a lightweight, elastic material that provides smooth high-frequency required high power. Nerve lines and small horns allow for more precise high-frequency positioning and a softer tone.

5. Traditional speakers do not have these technologies because they came out relatively early, so these are the advantages of embedded speakers.

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