What are the advantages of wifi speakers?

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What are the advantages of wifi speakers?

                    What are the advantages of wifi speakers?

And wired bluetooth, what are the advantages, why buy wifi now?

1. WIFI has a wide bandwidth, generally up to 150Mbps or more, while Bluetooth is less than 2Mbps, which makes high-fidelity audio very hurt.

2. WIFI is far away, generally up to 50 meters or more, and can pass through walls, while Bluetooth is a visual distance, generally no more than 10 meters, and cannot pass through walls

3. WIFI can be directly connected to the external network to play the function of routing relay, while Bluetooth cannot

4. WIFI can be separated from other devices such as mobile phones and listen to music directly online. The congenital technical reasons of Bluetooth can only make it sad.

5. At present, WIFI speakers have become the mainstream. To sum up: wifi speakers will gradually replace bluetooth speakers. I have used a wheat wireless wifi speaker which is not bad 

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