What are the characteristics of ceiling speakers?

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What are the characteristics of ceiling speakers?

                            What are the characteristics of ceiling speakers?

Ceiling speakers, which are mainly installed on the ceiling, are very suitable for playing background music in small spaces such as study rooms and bedrooms. The use of ceiling speakers can not only save space, decorate the ceiling, but also use the ceiling to sound insulation, and even solve the problems of sound diffraction and cabinet vibration.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ceiling speakers - disadvantages

The advantage of the ceiling speaker is that it does not take up space, and the disadvantage is that there is no bass - the same effect as the car horn. If you don't care about sound quality, you can install in-ceiling speakers. (Speaker without speakers, no bass)

Ceiling speaker IC625

If the area of the home is relatively small and there is no place for speakers, you can make 2 bookshelf boxes or floor-standing speakers (the floor-standing speakers are large, and the bass is the best), and install them on the ceiling - the speakers are downward. Use thick wood to fix the speakers around so that when the volume is turned up, the bass will vibrate so much that the ceiling will collapse!

How to choose ceiling speakers

Speaker part

Now there are three kinds of speakers used in home background music, ceiling speakers, wall-mounted speakers (embedded), and flat-panel speakers.

1. There are three types of ceiling speakers, ordinary ceiling, coaxial ceiling, high-bass adjustable ceiling, ceiling speakers can only be used on ceilings at home. From the sound quality point of view, the coaxial ceiling and high-bass speakers are better.

2. Wall-mounted embedded speakers. Currently, the color of wall-mounted speakers is mostly white, which is harmonious with the wall. In addition, wall-mounted speakers solve the problem of no ceiling. The disadvantage is that since the installation needs to be opened on the wall, the amount of work is larger.

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