What are the top five domestic home theater brands?

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What are the top five domestic home theater brands?

                     What are the top five domestic home theater brands?

1. Philips

The Philips home theater system is also relatively professional in design, and it is also very popular in China. Many customers will give priority to this brand when they consider purchasing a home theater. Now the popular Philips home theater system on the market has a true 5.1 wireless home theater, etc. , their surround sound design is excellent.

2. beats

Beats is an audio-visual equipment brand in the United States. It has good feedback all over the world, especially their audio-visual system is excellent. The reason why many friends consider buying a home theater is to have a better audio-visual effect. Beats sound effect design It is perfect and adopts a true wireless surround sound wall. The innovative technology can break through the various hearing limitations caused by traditional reflection technology.

3. Sony

Japan's Sony is a local electrical appliance brand giant in Japan. Their home theater system is well designed and can be well received and favored by more customers. Compared with traditional products, Sony's home theater can also be improved from the details. This type of equipment has a descending hollow reflection unit, which can make the bass more shocking and deep.

4. Pioneer Home Theater

Pioneer home theater is one of the well-known brands in China. Their home theater system can bring better use effects, and can reduce ground resonance during use, and various home theaters under Pioneer also have Dolby Digital and Dolby Pro Logic surround sound reproduces the wonderful original sound and brings a better viewing experience.

5. Bose lifestyle

For many friends, boselifestyle is a good choice. First of all, their sound system is very well designed. The speakers are among the best in subwoofers, showing lossless 5.1 channels, supporting surround sound design, and matching the slim center sound. To the speakers, it can make the overall music effect more prominent.

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