What does a car subwoofer do?

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 What does a car subwoofer do?

                               What does a car subwoofer do?

The main function of the subwoofer is to enhance the stereo effect and make the music more pure and thick. According to industry insiders, the technology of the audio system is directly related to the sound quality. When the transmission frequency characteristic curve of the system shows the lack of low frequency bands, the sound will lack thickness and intimacy. Bass is the foundation of sound. Don't think that bass is just for listening to DISCO and slow shaking. Only when the bass is done can there be a clear and full mid-range and a bright high-frequency.


As the saying goes, "a good horse is equipped with a good saddle". In the opinion of many car owners, only a good car is suitable for the configuration of the best audio equipment. The general car can be equipped with any audio equipment. In fact, what kind of audio system is equipped with It doesn't matter what kind of car you drive, the key is to see what kind of pursuit the car owner has for audio and their own economic affordability.

However, experts said that car owners should not blindly pursue the best car audio. For ordinary car owners, they can configure the subwoofer according to about 20% of the car price when configuring the subwoofer, so that the overall coordination can be achieved. In terms of sex, the audio at this price is relatively coordinated with the vehicle.

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