What does a complete set of audio equipment include?

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What does a complete set of audio equipment include?

                    What does a complete set of audio equipment include?

A complete set of audio equipment includes microphones, mixers, feedback suppressors, effects, equalizers, compressors, exciters, crossovers, disc machines, mixers, power amplifiers, main speakers, fill speakers, Return speakers, monitor speakers, subwoofers

Home audio equipment: power amplifier-2.0HiFi power amplifier, the sound quality is better than 5.1AV power amplifier, AV5.1 imported power amplifier, because there are many channels, the output power is false standard, the power is small, the power of pushing high-power floor speakers is not enough, the distortion is large, the sound quality Difference. Speakers - For listening to music and watching movies, it is best to choose 2 high-level floor-standing speakers, 5.1 surround sound set speakers, preferably with domestic famous brand Tianyi 5.1 power amplifier, output 150WX5, high power and good sound quality. Can not be equipped with imported AV power amplifier --- low power, large distortion. Audio source: CD, DVD, MP3, computer can be used as audio source.

If you want to sing, you can buy a KTV front-end and 2 condenser microphones. I can't buy a KTV speaker. The speaker is cheap, has no bass, and has a good midrange. It is only suitable for singing, not for listening to music.

Home audio equipment is basically the above configuration.

The subwoofer is equipped with a bookshelf box to supplement the subwoofer. Floorstanding speakers do not require a subwoofer. The woofer is good for bass, mid-range, tweeter, and high-pitched. It needs to be assembled in the speaker together to make the music sound good. The coaxial speaker is a full-range speaker, that is, the bass, and the mid and high frequencies are combined into one speaker. Low-end car coaxial speakers are cheap and have poor sound quality; high-end coaxial speakers are expensive and have good sound quality.

A mixer is a tool for music synthesis and production, not a home audio device. Don't be misled into buying it, you won't use it when you buy it. Don't buy an effector either. It is a distortion effector used by electric guitars and other musical instruments. It is complicated to operate and expensive.

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