What is HI-FI?

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What is HI-FI?

                                                 What is HI-FI?

Sound is a polysemous word. In physics, sound can be understood as the sound that the human ear can hear. In sound technology, sound refers to the sound reproduced by the sound reproduction system. For example, the music, songs and other sounds in the CD are played through audio equipment such as CD players, and the singing and music sounds played through the PA system at the performance site belong to the category of audio. A sound reproduction system capable of reproducing sound is called a sound system. If the sound system can faithfully reproduce the original sound, reproduce the original sound field, and can properly modify the audio signal (tuning), so that the reproduced sound quality is beautiful and pleasant, it can be called a high-fidelity sound system. Fidelity, referred to as HI-FI).

The real meaning of HI-FI is high degree of reduction, and the audio equipment can faithfully reflect the original appearance of the sound signal. If the audio-visual equipment cannot restore the timbre of the original musical instrument, then it cannot be called a high-fidelity equipment. It should be noted that audio and speakers are two different concepts. In layman's terms, audio is a speaker + power amplifier + sound source system, which is a system; a speaker is a box + speakers. With the development of portable HI-FI lossless players, more and more headphones with "high fidelity" and "HI-FI" as the selling point also appear on the market.

So how does the HI-FI system keep the sound "authentic"?

First, faithfully reproduce the original sound. Sound electrical signals can be expressed by three parameters: amplitude, frequency and phase. Usually people use three parameters of loudness (ie volume), pitch and timbre to represent the characteristics of sound. To faithfully reproduce the original sound is to maintain the original sound quality, so that people do not feel any distortion of the three elements of the reflected original sound quality.

Second, faithfully reproduce the original sound field. The indoor sound field is composed of sound source, direct sound, reflection sound and reverberation sound. Such an original sound field reflects a stereo. This sound reproduction system, also known as a stereo system, consists of two elements: one is the presence of sound and image, and the other is high definition and signal-to-noise ratio. Stereo is one of the important attributes of high fidelity.

Third, the audio signal can be processed and modified. In the process of recording, transmission and playback of audio signals, various distortions will inevitably occur. Therefore, the high-fidelity audio system should take appropriate measures for equalization compensation and processing to restore the original sound quality. In addition, sound systems are often used to play music. Listening to music is an artistic enjoyment, but everyone's cultural level, artistic accomplishment, appreciation habits and pursuit of hobbies are different. Therefore, the high-fidelity sound system also allows people to modify and beautify the audio signal according to their own preferences, and make the sound more beautiful and pleasant through tuning. This is also one of the important attributes of high fidelity.

In terms of hardware, a HI-FI audio system usually consists of three parts: a high-fidelity audio source, an audio amplifier and a speaker system. Among them, the various program signals sent by the sound source part are processed and amplified by the audio amplifier to obtain enough power to drive the speaker to work and emit the same and much louder sound as the original sound source. At the same time, since the sound has to pass through the space of the place to be enjoyed by the audience, the sound effect is not only related to the configuration of the sound system, but also closely related to the indoor acoustic characteristics of the listening place.

Finally, it should be noted that there is a little difference between HI-FI and cinema sound. A typical home theater system currently on the market is a 5.1-channel surround system, an AV power amplifier, and a system consisting of 5 AV speakers and 1 active subwoofer.

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