What is WiFi Speaker What is the function of WiFi Speaker

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 What is WiFi Speaker What is the function of WiFi Speaker

                 What is WiFi Speaker What is the function of WiFi Speaker

What exactly is WiFi audio, and what changes can it bring to the way we listen? WiFi audio has become the most popular fried chicken in the audio industry. Many audio manufacturers are pushing hard to launch their own WiFi audio products. There are also many classic WiFi speakers on the market, but after getting in touch with some WiFi speakers, I really feel that, except for some high-end WiFi speakers on the market, this thing seems to be really useless now. WiFi speakers are myself. I really don't think which one is stronger!

Fundamentally speaking, WiFi speakers are still the wireless audio products we often talk about before. The difference from the previous 2.4G speakers and Bluetooth speakers is that WiFi speakers use WiFi as a means of communication, which is greater in transmission distance and penetration than Bluetooth. and 2.4G audio, and can support online playback, but do you really think this thing is so useful?

First of all, let's take a look at the transmission distance. It is true that the transmission distance of WiFi speakers is longer, but after all, not everyone of us is a prince who has so much RMB to buy a big house where we can play tennis. In a small space, we need WiFi speakers to dry. What, isn't Bluetooth enough for you to toss around in your acre? After that, editing the online playback function feels even more useless. You use your mobile phone to download QQ Music or other APP music playback software, and you can't find any music. By the way, WiFi audio is nothing more than an agreement signed with these music apps, based on these music playback apps to achieve its online playback function.

So what are the advantages of the remaining WiFi speakers? Are these advantages really that useful? This time, I will complain about the so-called new audio WiFi speakers, and see if this type of speakers will really become Your new listening option?

Many people know that the privacy and anti-interference of WiFi speakers may not be comparable to that of Bluetooth, but its WiFi-based network transmission also allows such audio standards to reach 802.11g and 802.11n, and its transmission rate is higher than that of the past. 54Mbps has gradually developed to the current 300Mbps, and its super bandwidth has surpassed CD-level performance. It can also reach a relatively high standard when transmitting music, allowing users to enjoy wireless good sound.

Although the bandwidth is so large, many people also say that this is the advent of a new HiFi era, but have friends considered the disdainful eyes of wired HiFi users? Wireless is HiFi, how can you let them live! You may It is said that WiFi listening is wireless. What you need is this convenient Feel, but can you still take the WiFi speakers to listen outdoors? What do you think about the Bluetooth speakers? You want to listen to HiFi quality wirelessly, but you are at home Do you really need to listen to such high-quality music?

The price of WiFi speakers is so high that you can buy a mid-to-high-end active speaker at the same price. Believe me, it is definitely more enjoyable than your wireless WiFi speakers! So it is said that the sound quality of wireless WiFi speakers is A major feature, but I believe that there is still a certain gap between the sound quality of wireless speakers and the sound quality of wired speakers of the same price, so you should think carefully before buying WiFi speakers, and don't listen to the advertisements of the merchants!

As friends all know, Bluetooth speakers are paired, connected and played in a one-to-one way, while the current WiFi speakers are played based on WiFi networks, which can achieve one-to-many functions, but as a general working class When you get home, why do you have so many rooms for you to play together? Are you not afraid of power consumption or disturbing people? Although the United States is the country with the most popular WiFi speakers, friends, let’s consider the house price and our own salary. In fact, we want to listen to wireless music If so, a bluetooth speaker is still very good!

In addition to this, if you want to better enjoy the good wireless sound, you also need to download a dedicated APP program. This editor feels troublesome when you think about it, register various experiments, switch WiFi audio on and off, and then After completing the pairing test, it is really annoying to toss and toss. If you are rich, you can be willful, but for us ordinary civilians, it is still excellent to have a wired stereo to play by yourself.

In fact, WiFi audio is still a bit obvious, such as one-to-many connection design, super transmission capacity, simple control, etc., all of which are important conditions for WiFi audio to become a must-have audio product for our future listening, but the previous It's not meaningless to complain. In fact, in the final analysis, the reason why WiFi speakers can't enter our lives is that the cost is high.

Many enthusiasts may not be able to accept such a high price to buy a wireless speaker. If this problem can be solved, then WiFi speakers should still have a good development in our country, but when will this cost be able to be used? Save it, and we'll have to wait and see!

The above is the introduction of what WiFi speakers are and what is the function of WiFi speakers, I hope to help you!

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