What is WiSA speaker ?

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                                              What is WiSA?

The WiSA platform uses the relatively uncrowded 5.2~5.8 GHz frequency band to avoid interference with other signals, and has enough bandwidth to play 24-bit lossless music at the native sampling rate, through multi-channel without wiring, Any sound on a pair of speakers is transmitted to a full 7.1 surround system. The "Dynamic Frequency Selection" feature allows WiSA-certified speakers to overcome the unavoidable delays and errors of low-end wireless speakers, so annoying pops, clicks, and hiss are a thing of the past. This technology greatly improves the problem of out-of-sync lip and sound caused by data transmission compression, which is definitely a boon for audiophiles and installers. Ordinary consumers can simply enjoy the ultimate lossless audio.

For music enthusiasts, the continuous upgrading of technological equipment in recent years has brought great convenience. Although the era of free online streaming music has come, always listening through headphones is somewhat lacking in texture, but if you use mobile phones, computers and other devices with traditional HiFi devices, there will be troubles in complicated cable connections. What about bluetooth speakers? Although this is convenient, the overall quality of the Bluetooth speakers on the market is indeed average, and it cannot fully meet the high requirements of enthusiasts. So, is there any better solution? The new wireless speaker technology WiSA, with its strong acoustic performance and simple operation, can bring you the unique charm of unparalleled multi-channel wireless HiFi sound quality.

WiSA wireless connection is more convenient and stable than Bluetooth

The WiSA speaker adopts the unique WiSA wireless speaker transmission technology, which is a communication protocol specially developed for wireless audio transmission. The working frequency band is set at 5.2GHz to 5.8GHz. The technology adopts wear-free wireless signal and energy transmission technology. It has the characteristics of short-distance communication, high real-time performance and high node capacity, which is not easy to be interfered, and is more suitable for wireless communication between audio equipment.

New wireless speaker technology not only allows audiophiles to enjoy 24-bit lossless music wirelessly, but also enables cinematic surround sound without the clutter of wiring, thanks to installers and interior designers. Cleverly conceived. What is even more commendable is that the new wireless speaker technology integrates the open standards of the Wireless Speakers and Audio Association to achieve the most extreme sound performance in a multi-channel wireless configuration.

New wireless speakers perfect for home theater

Incorporating the new WiSA standard into a high-end speaker, it can be easily and beautifully connected to any WiSA-compliant third-party TV, Blu-ray player, AV receiver or similar device. Brett Moyer, president and CEO of Semiconductor Summit, said that they will work together with a strong audio team to achieve a perfect breakthrough in high-fidelity wireless audio signals, allowing consumers to enjoy the industry's top audio-visual feast. The move was also endorsed by Jim Venable, president of the WiSA Association.

This new wireless speaker can be used with WiSA compliant TVs or receivers in a simple, flexible and beautiful way, and has the advantages of simple configuration, no wiring errors, and good interoperability. By combining active speaker technology and the new WiSA platform, consumers can enjoy an unprecedented triple effect: stunning sound, flexible and convenient operation, and simple connectivity. Audio engineers have been testing the limits of wireless technology for years, with unsatisfactory results. Now, with the continuous emergence of high-tech products, people's relentless pursuit in the fields of sound, design and technology, the investment of professionals in advanced technology and cooperation with the WiSA Association has finally paid off. This new wireless speaker technology is called The pioneering work will lay a solid foundation for more new speaker products.

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