What is a car subwoofer?

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 What is a car subwoofer?

                                       What is a car subwoofer?

In layman's terms, the subwoofer is used to supplement the woofer that is missing from the speaker, and it also increases the roundness, thickness and fullness of the entire sound field, so that the entire sound field will not be so dry whether it is listening to vocals or DJs. Many car owners It is a mistake to think that there is no need to add a subwoofer just to listen to the human voice, because the subwoofer is not only a bass, but also increases the texture of its sound field. A complete system can have the best sound effect.

What types of subwoofers are there?

There are two main types of subwoofers, active subwoofers and passive subwoofers. The main difference between the two is that the former has its own power amplifier, so there is no need to add other things when using it, but the heat dissipation is not very good, the power is relatively small, and the sense of rhythm is not so strong, so it can only be a supplement. When the latter is used, an external power amplifier needs to be added, which has higher power, stronger rhythm, better bass effect, and more prominent roundness, thickness, and fullness, so if you have higher requirements for low cause, you can choose the latter.

What does a subwoofer do?

Those who know this aspect know that the quality of the sound quality has a lot to do with the quality of the audio system and installation technology, and the subwoofer can enhance the stereo effect, let the low frequency dive deeper, and make the music more pure and thick. . When the system's transmission frequency characteristic shows a lack of low frequencies, the sound lacks depth and intimacy. Only when the bass is done can there be a clear, full mid-range and bright high-frequency.

If you have a high pursuit of music quality, it is still necessary to install a subwoofer. Of course, it depends on your personal preference. Many riders feel that after installing a subwoofer, the sound quality in the whole car has a qualitative leap, which is very impressive. enjoy! The journey has become more enjoyable

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