What is a tube amplifier? what's the effect?

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What is a tube amplifier? what's the effect?

                        What is a tube amplifier? what's the effect?

The so-called tube amplifier, gallbladder, is the electronic tube, and the tube amplifier that we often say refers to the amplifier that uses the tube. Some tubes are used for amplification and some are used for polishing. The tube amplifier has a unique "flavor", the sound is warm and durable, the music sense is good, and the atmosphere is good. The obvious advantage of the tube amplifier is that the sound is sweet, soft and natural, especially the large dynamic range and good linearity. It is by no means easy to replace by other devices. It is the oldest and enduring evergreen tree in the audio industry.

Today's audiophiles are getting younger and younger. Because of the age difference, many people have never seen electronic tubes and do not understand what electronic tubes are used for. In the HiFi circle, devices that use electronic tubes are generally called tube amplifiers.

It's just like the current amp, the core components, transistors, and op amps are more compact, and they are all directly soldered on the PCB board of the circuit and placed in the metal shell. Because of the size, most of them are exposed.

The function of the electronic tube is mainly to expand the power of the audio equipment. It is a signal amplifier with a relatively simple function. Tube amplifiers work at high voltage and low current, similar to a fuel car.

Tube power amplifiers are fascinated by many audiophiles because of their charming timbre, and changing different bile tubes will have different sound performance. However, some friends believe that the failure rate of tube power amplifiers is high, and it is troublesome to use and maintain.

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