What is an AV amplifier?

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 What is an AV amplifier?

                                              What is an AV amplifier

AV amplifier is the amplifier used in the audio-visual system. It is used in the audio-visual system of the home theater. The amplifier is complete. AV power amplifiers generally have 4~7 channel power outputs such as front, center and surround, and some have Dolby Pro Logic surround decoder or AC-3 decoder, DSP digital sound field processing, FM/AM digital tuning radio It also has a variety of audio input and output interfaces. Some power amplifiers also have SVIDEO (high-definition) video four-pin interfaces. Various functions can be controlled by the remote control, which is very convenient to use.

AV amplifier, as its name implies, is an amplifier used for cooperating with the video source, producing the effect of audio-visual integration, with the main design purpose of creating a sound field, and is specially used for home theaters. It controls the delay time between each channel during playback through its internal delay and reverberation processing circuits, and simulates the sound field in various listening environments by adjusting the length of the delay time, such as halls, churches, stadiums, studio, etc. AV amplifiers emphasize channel isolation, delay time range, various sound field modes and other indicators. The channels of the AV power amplifier are as few as four channels, and as many as nine channels. The AV power amplifiers on the market combine the needs of home playback, and most of them are five channels or seven channels.

The AV system is mainly composed of a large-screen color TV, a DVD player or a high-fidelity video recorder, an AV multi-channel surround amplifier, a center speaker, a pair of main speakers, and a pair of surround speakers. The AV system focuses on the performance of large dynamic sound effects to enhance the atmosphere and create a thrilling scene with the sound field positioning of the picture. People can enjoy the unique audio-visual effects in movie theaters at home.

AV multi-channel surround sound system mainly includes Dolby Logic surround sound system, THX system, Yamaha's cinema CINEMA DSP system. Each of these three systems has its own merits. Dolby Logic surround sound is recorded in multiple channels, generally speaking, four channels. When recording, multiple pickups are used and placed in all directions of the performer at different distances to pick up the sound signals. After AD into digital, these digital codes are encoded according to certain rules, compiled into two-channel digital, and finally recorded on a two-channel video disc. When people want to enjoy the video disc, the Dolby Logic decoding system inversely converts the two-channel digital into four-channel or five-channel digital, and then through DA conversion, through the AV multi-channel amplifier, to several pairs of different Positioned speakers to achieve surround sound, and strive to reproduce the style of live recording. Yamaha's CINEMADSP was developed from Dolby Logic. It is fully compatible with the Dolby Logic decoding surround sound system and has its own unique characteristics. The digital sound field processing is a unique technology of Yamaha CIN? EMADSP. It uses DSP (digital signal processing chip) and CPU to store the parameters of sound field propagation in specific occasions such as fields, churches, concert halls, canyons, etc., and directly adds the parameters to the surround sound after Dolby Logic decoding, so that It makes up for the lack of Dolby surround sound.

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