What is the best choice for home audio equipment?

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What is the best choice for home audio equipment?

                                    What is the best choice for home audio equipment?

What is the best choice for home audio equipment? First of all, it is necessary to clarify the needs. According to different audio-visual needs, a set of home audio can be divided into two types: music appreciation and home theater.

For music appreciation, a sound system usually consists of a CD player, a cassette recorder, an audio amplifier, a speaker, and an audio connection. One is a set machine that is fixedly combined by the same manufacturer, called a combination audio; the other is a combination of audio equipment from different countries and manufacturers, called an audio combination. The former is multifunctional and systematic, but cannot achieve the best sound quality, while the latter pursues high-quality sound reproduction with pure functions, and improves sound quality through selection with limited investment. The most basic hi-fi system consists of a CD player, combined amplifiers and speakers, but of course you can add cassette decks and tuners, and even analog turntables to expand the source.

For home theater systems, in order to create a wide stereo field and thrilling dynamic dynamics, sound quality often has to be second. The current home theater system includes: 1. Speaker system (usually including a pair of front main speakers, a center speaker and a pair of rear surround speakers, and a subwoofer. 2. AV amplifier; 3. DVD player (VCRs have been eliminated); 4. TV receivers; 5. Microphones (MICROPHONE) commonly known as microphones... (In view of the unsatisfactory musicality of general AV amplifiers, for lovers who spend more time enjoying music, it is recommended to buy independent Surround sound decoder and separate multi-channel power amplifier to combine home theater system for home theater and music enjoyment

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