What is the difference between stereo and surround sound?

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What is the difference between stereo and surround sound?

                What is the difference between stereo and surround sound?

Stereo refers to sound with a three-dimensional effect. The sound produced in nature is stereo, but if we replay these stereos after recording, amplifying, etc., all the sounds are released from one speaker, and the reproduced sound (compared with the original sound source) is not stereo . At this time, since various sounds are emitted from the same speaker, the original sense of space (especially the sense of spatial distribution of the sound group) also disappears. This playback is claimed to be mono. If the entire system from recording to playback can restore the original sense of space to a certain extent (it is impossible to restore it completely), then this playback sound with spatial distribution characteristics such as azimuth levels to a certain extent is called sound technology in audio technology. stereo.

Surround sound means that the direction of each sound source in the original signal can be reproduced during playback, so that the viewer has a feeling of being surrounded by sounds from different directions. Surround sound is a type of stereo. Ordinary stereo is flat stereo. Cinemas or home theaters only set “left-right” two-channel or “left-center-right” three-channel in front of the audience, and the audio field only sets two-channel left and right of the audience ; and surround sound, which belongs to spherical stereo, must have at least three channels, and the listener must be surrounded by the sound point of each channel. In surround sound, except for the "left-center-right" three channels in front of the audience, other channels are generally called surround channels, but in surround sound with channels above 7.1, the left center and right center channels are not known as surround channels.

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