What is the function of car amplifier?

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 What is the function of car amplifier?

                                 What is the function of car amplifier

The function of the on-board power amplifier is to select and preprocess the audio input signal to amplify the power, so that the electrical signal has the ability to drive the speaker. The car power amplifier is slightly different from the power amplifier in the ordinary home theater. Since many car mainframes integrate the power amplification function and play the pre-amplification function, the car power amplifier is sometimes called the post-amplification, which means that it can be connected to the amplifier. over high-level input

Amplifier is an essential component of a good sound system. The power amplifier on the host often cannot really amplify the sound current, so if you want to have a good music experience, you must install a power amplifier. Generally speaking, the power of the amplifier is greater than the power of the speaker. Many car owners think that installing a bass amplifier is only for shocking effects. In fact, this ignores the characteristics of the car. No matter how high-end cars are, there will be noise. The bass part of the music released during driving will be affected to varying degrees. Attenuate, and adding a bass amplifier can increase the reserve power, supplement the loss of bass and reduce distortion.

Since the car power amplifier is connected to the host and the speaker, the cooperation between the host and the speaker must be considered when purchasing the power amplifier, which is directly related to the effect of music playback and the life of the equipment. The matching of vehicle power amplifier mainly includes impedance matching and power matching. The power amplifier has a great influence on the sound quality. Generally speaking, the power amplifier and speaker of the same brand should be well matched and should be considered first; if you choose a famous brand car speaker and power amplifier, it can generally be matched according to its technical parameters; for unknown brands It's best to actually try it out.

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