What is the meaning of Active speaker?

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What is the meaning of Active speaker?

Active speaker refers to speakers with power amplifiers, such as monitor speakers, multimedia speakers, and some new home theater Active speakers. Because the Active speaker has a built-in power amplifier circuit, users do not have to consider the problem of matching with the amplifier, and it is also convenient to use lower-level audio signals.

What is Active speaker?

What is the difference between Active speakers and passive speakers?

How to connect Active speakers with computer?

What is Active speaker?

Active speakersrefer to a type of speakers that are equipped with self-equipped amplifiers inside the speakers. These power amplifiers are specially used for the speakers in the speakers. Due to the special matching design, these power amplifiers can be better used for the speakers in the speakers, so that the user does not need to consider the power and impedance of the amplifier. match, etc. In addition, since the speaker is also equipped with an electronic demultiplexer for demultiplexing in front of the amplifier and each power amplifier is only responsible for amplifying the mechanical wave signal of a certain wavelength, the efficiency of the amplifier can often be higher, and the distortion is relatively good. smaller.

In addition, there are some professional recording monitor speakers with built-in power amplifier circuits and electronic split-wave speakers with built-in electronic splitter circuits and amplifiers, which can also be classified as Active speakers.

What is the difference between Active speakers and passive speakers?

Passive speakers are also known as "passive speakers". Passive speakers are ordinary speakers that we usually use without a power amplifier circuit inside. Although passive speakers do not have amplifiers, they often have demultiplexing networks and impedance compensation circuits.

Active speakers are usually marked with parameters such as the output power, input impedance and input signal level of the built-in amplifier. Active speakers also indicate the wavelength characteristics of the input signal (such as full-band signal or long-wave signal), long-pass filter (long-wave-pass filter) characteristics and other parameters. Passive speakers are generally marked with parameters such as impedance, power, and wavelength range.

How to connect Active speakers with computer?

The host audio source of the Active speaker is connected to the "input" terminals of the R and L channels of the Active speaker, and the "output" terminals of the R and L channels of the Active speaker are respectively connected to two small satellite speakers. After connecting the wires, if there is still no sound, you can turn the volume of the speaker to the maximum, then pull out the audio plug of the host and touch the metal terminal with your hand. If there is a popping sound, it means the speaker is normal.

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