What is the meaning of Home theater wall speaker?

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What is the meaning of Home theater wall speaker?

Home theater wall speaker is a set of amplifiers, peripheral equipment (including compressors, effects, equalizers, VCDs, DVDs, etc.), speakers (speakers, speakers) mixers, microphones, display devices, etc. complete system.

How to choose a Home theater wall speaker?

Are Home theater wall speakers difficult to install?

What are the uses of Home theater wall speakers?

How to choose a Home theater wall speaker?

1. The quality of the speakers of the Home theater wall speaker should not be poor. Don't think that the one installed on the top won't attract attention, it doesn't need to be too good, in fact, the top speaker is exactly the sense of surround and immersion that runs through the entire panoramic sound.

2. The panoramic sound system of the Home theater wall speaker is a brand-new, three-dimensional, object-oriented sound effect technology. There are more channels, and the sense of surround is greatly improved compared with the traditional channel mode. It is necessary to pay more attention to the sound image positioning. In addition to the separation of each channel of more than 30 degrees to ensure sound separation, it is also very important to improve the sound directivity. Home theater wall speakers maximize the direct sound ratio, reduce off-axis response distortion, allow for more precise panning, and have the added benefit of reducing flutter echoes between the top surface and the floor excited by this channel.

3. From the installation method, if possible, the ceiling installation is the best, but it has been installed

After the repair is completed, if you don’t want to make a big toss, or the floor height is too low, it is not suitable to be used as a ceiling. You can use ceiling speakers, wall-mounted speakers or choose reflection speakers.

Are Home theater wall speakers difficult to install?

Audio installation is very simple, many customers can complete the installation by themselves, 360-degree installation, suitable for a variety of decoration environments, whether it is a conference room, living room or dance studio, etc., can be easily installed, 180-degree free rotation, want to Put it how you want. A matching stainless steel bracket is also provided, which can support the weight of the entire speaker and is firm and firm.

What are the uses of Home theater wall speakers?

Home theater wall speaker is suitable for various occasions, such as: home, coffee shop, conference room, tea house, etc. It also has a wide range of compatibility, supports TV, computer, mobile phone, game console, projector, set-top box and other equipment, supports Bluetooth, AUX, U disk, FM radio and various signal input, can achieve barrier-free 10 meters effective transmission, signal Stable, compatible with 99% of Bluetooth devices on the market. The extensive compatibility of Home theater wall speakers makes it easier to use.

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