What is the sound quality of ceiling speakers?

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 What is the sound quality of ceiling speakers?

                                      What is the sound quality of ceiling speakers

Many friends think that ceiling speakers are far inferior to traditional floor boxes or bookshelf boxes, because they: look very unprofessional.

If you're talking about the kind used in stations, schools, shopping malls, or the ceiling speakers that the supermarket puts on "Good Luck" every holiday and broadcasts announcements such as big sales, that's not true.

It belongs to the public address system and uses constant pressure speakers. The so-called constant-voltage speaker is a line-to-line transformer added to the front of the speaker. The function of this transformer is to convert the 120V or 240V broadcast voltage into a voltage suitable for the speaker to work. Therefore, the constant-voltage speaker is suitable for connecting with a constant-voltage power amplifier (amplifier), which is widely used. It is used for cable broadcasting occasions for long-distance transmission.

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A simple understanding is that the speaker is driven by voltage. Its characteristics are that the output voltage is large and the current is small. It is used in public places. Just connect the speaker in parallel with an ordinary wire, and the output sound is basically mono. A cheap constant pressure speaker costs about a dozen yuan apiece. It is suitable for a large space with no requirements for sound quality. It is mainly for commercial use, and the effect can be imagined.

Household ceiling speakers are completely different. They use constant-resistance speakers without inter-line transformers, and are driven by current. It is characterized by large current and low voltage. It is suitable for short-range audio signal transmission, generally 4Ω and 8Ω. The resistance of the speaker is required to match the power amplifier, and it is mostly used in background music systems and home theaters. It uses the wall or ceiling as a natural resonance cavity, and has a high degree of sound reduction, which is suitable for home furnishing, clubs, hotels, etc.

Home audio is mainly used to enjoy music, and the sound quality is a hard indicator. If it is too hard to hear, when guests come to the home, they think it will be a bit embarrassing to come to the fresh food section of the supermarket.

In fact, home ceiling speakers have a long history, but many friends who don't know them still think that ceiling speakers are not professional enough.

In fact, because the low-frequency sound waves emitted by the speaker propagate forward and backward, they will form reflected sound when they hit the wall. There will be a phase difference between the direct sound of the speaker and the reflected sound from the wall. Interference is generated, which is why professional audio-visual rooms need acoustic sound insulation.

When using a ceiling speaker, the back propagation path of the sound wave is blocked, and the proportion of the direct sound is increased. Most of the sound wave propagates forward or obliquely, so as to avoid this interference phenomenon.

This is a better choice in rooms with relatively poor acoustic treatment, such as the living rooms and bedrooms of most families without acoustic treatment.

Even if it is installed on the ceiling, this installation method has the advantage of having a large sound coverage.

For other types of speakers, the listening effect varies greatly in different positions, such as floor-standing bookshelf boxes. You can only install them in the living room or a separate audio-visual room, because when you stand on the edge of the room or walk out of the room, The effect of hearing may be greatly reduced, or even completely inaudible.

As long as the position of the ceiling speakers is reasonable, the sound is surrounded by 360 degrees, the volume is very uniform, there are basically no dead spots in the home, and the whole room can enjoy good sound quality. No matter where you are, there is a feeling of being in the center of the stage.

Compared with the floor box, the low frequency of the ceiling speaker is not so heavy. When showing large dynamic music, the low frequency volume will be slightly weaker than that of the floor box. If you like to listen to some strong rhythm music styles, such as heavy metal rock, then ceiling Loudspeakers are obviously not suitable. What you need is a listening room with excellent sound insulation to meet your preference for sound and sound, because you can't guarantee that the neighbors will have the same preferences as you.

The acoustic characteristics of the ceiling speakers are relatively balanced, because they are embedded in the ceiling, the low frequency will not be too heavy, after all, the vibration is too large, and your roof may not be able to stand it for a long time.

Playing some country and classical soft and soothing music with ceiling speakers is a very good experience, especially suitable for some ambient music. The sound coverage and balanced acoustic frequency band of the whole house space, ceiling speakers are the most used home background music system.

In addition to the background music system, many home theaters have begun to use ceiling speakers as front and rear surrounds. Although the low frequency of the ceiling speakers is weak, adding a subwoofer can make up for the lack of low frequencies. Five ceiling embedded speakers plus a subwoofer with full power, together with a high-quality power amplifier , you can form a set of good home 5.1-channel home theater.

Another reason why many people choose ceiling speakers is its concealment.

With embedded ceiling installation and pre-buried wiring, ceiling speakers do not need to occupy home space, nor do they have the bulk of traditional speakers. This is undoubtedly a very important plus point for many friends who like simple homes. After all, they are now pursuing the rational use of home space, especially for some non-large-sized users, the extra space can be used more.

Therefore, don't think that the ceiling speakers are not professional, but choose the right speakers according to the installation environment and the scene of use. If you like listening to light music at home, you want to achieve 360° sound coverage of the whole house, and you want to release Home space, then boldly choose professional and suitable ceiling speakers!

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