What 's Surround Sound?

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                                                  What 's Surround Sound?

Surround sound originally refers to the full-spatial stereo perception of the location of spatial sound sources by human hearing. Surround sound has a real sense of sound space. Generally, the so-called stereo refers to the use of modern electro-acoustic technology to adjust the volume and phase of each frequency component of each group of speakers in the left and right channels without changing the position of the speakers in the left and right channels, so that each group of speakers is in a different position on the front. A psychological "sound image" occurs. For surround sound, two more speakers are added at the back, so that each group of speakers has a psychological "sound image" not only on the front, but also at different positions behind, forming an all-round spatial three-dimensional sense of sound.

Stereo recording was introduced in the mid-1950s, followed by stereo playback systems, and it can be said that the 1960s was the golden age of stereo. At that time, the word "surround sound" did not exist in the lexicon of a record company or an audio manufacturer.

But in the field of research, researchers have already had the idea of using the indoor acoustic information of the concert hall to create a realistic stereo effect, and have carried out related experiments. For example, the "surround sound" system proposed by Case, Steinck, and Wagner places two or more speakers behind the listener to reproduce the sound field, very similar to today's surround sound. However, due to the limitations of technology and equipment, these experimental studies have not been promoted in the market.

In the mid-1960s, the birth of the multitrack tape recorder introduced multichannel recording. The sound engineer can use multiple channels to record, from the initial 3 channels to 24 channels, making it possible to record environmental information independently, which also plays a vital role in the promotion of surround sound systems in the field of music

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