What's a car subwoofer ?

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 What's a car subwoofer ?

                                                  What's a car subwoofer ?

The car subwoofer is an important part of the modern car audio system. The subwoofer is a common name for coaxial speakers, tweeters, super high pitches and super bass. The subwoofer provides many music lovers with a more natural sound, especially for those who drive outside, which makes driving full of fun and brings great enjoyment to the driver.

How car subwoofers work

The internal power amplifier circuit divides the sound into several frequency bands through the frequency divider, the output of the medium and high frequency band is to the satellite speaker, and the output of the low frequency band is to the subwoofer. Generally, the subwoofer emits a low frequency sound of 20-200HZ, when the energy is not very strong It is difficult for people to hear, and it is difficult to distinguish the direction of the sound source. Such low-frequency sound is transmitted through the reversing hole and resonates with the satellite speaker  The low-frequency speaker and the weak bass generated by the satellite speaker which are combined, and the satellite speaker  will The bass was re-released from the performance speakers, so the bass effect was very shocking, and it felt like it was coming from the satellite speakers.

As for why ultra-low frequency speakers and low-frequency resonant speakers, we need to understand with physical knowledge: satellites are weak bass that can be heard by people, and their waveform amplitude is small, that is, the energy is not large enough, when the ultra-low frequency generated by the speaker overlaps with it When they pass through the reversing hole, they are in the same phase, so the ultra-low frequency is loaded on the waveform of the satellite bass. Since the speaker has a very powerful power, the energy increases sharply after loading, which makes you feel very shocked.

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