What's the use of car Speaker?

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 What's the use of car Speaker?

                                          What's the use of car Speaker

The importance of speakers in car audio systems is even more prominent. Compared with home audio, the technical requirements and difficulty are much higher to make car speakers show excellent sound and localization. The disadvantages of car speakers are many and complex, because in the interior space of the car, there are some disadvantages that are not found in the house: narrow space, irregular objects, complex environment (noise, vibration, car materials, etc.) and The installation position of the speaker (limited by the interior and exterior of the car); more importantly, the listening position is not good, left and right; and because the direction of the speaker is not symmetrical in the front, resulting in complex frequencies, phase differences and wave crests , wave valley, standing wave, reflective jet lag, too long reverberation time (resonance), etc., which are not conducive to listening. Nevertheless, we can still correctly handle the installation position of speakers with different bandwidths and maintain their good orientation by understanding the properties, uses, categories, compatibility and speaker characteristics of the audio system equipment, plus correct installation experience and skills. performance, make technical adjustments with compatible power amplifiers, and finally obtain good results.

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