Which one is good between AV amplifier or HIFI amplifier?

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 Which one is good between AV amplifier or HIFI amplifier?

                               Which one is good between AV amplifier or HIFI amplifier?

As two common devices in the speaker equipment market, AV power amplifier and HIFI power amplifier are topics that audio enthusiasts often talk about. However, what is an AV amplifier, what is a HIFI amplifier, and which amplifier should be selected? But not everyone knows it. Today, let's talk about AV power amplifier and HIFI power amplifier.

What is an AV amplifier?

A (audio) of AV amplifier means audio, sound, V (video) means audio and image, so AV amplifier is an audio-visual amplifier that integrates two kinds of signal processing of audio and video, emphasizing the atmosphere of the sound field, specially used for home theater .

What is a HIFI amplifier?

Hi-Fi of HIFI amplifier is the abbreviation of English Hight-Fidelity, which is literally translated as high fidelity. It requires the audio equipment to amplify and process the indicators of the sound signal without distortion during the playback process to restore the original appearance of the sound source. , emphasizing the original, dedicated to listening to music, such as classical music.

Therefore, we can simply distinguish the uses of AV power amplifiers and HIFI power amplifiers: the former is mainly used in the home theater field, which requires audio + video

audio equipment, while the latter only needs to provide audio equipment and focus on listening to music.

So, besides that, what is the difference between AV amplifier and HIFI amplifier?

1. The number of channels is different

The AV amplifier has 4-9 channels, which promotes multi-channel speakers to form a surround sound field. For example, Dolby AC-3 requires 5.1 channels. Hi-Fi power amplifiers are generally two-channel, that is, amplify the signals of the left and right channels, and push the left and right speakers to form a stereo sound field.

2. Different parameters

The parameters of the AV power amplifier mainly include output power, harmonic distortion, signal-to-noise ratio, frequency range, rated impedance and damping coefficient, etc., with particular emphasis on channel isolation, delay time range, various sound field modes, etc. In addition, there are video part of the indicator. Although Hi-Fi power amplifiers also have these parameters, they emphasize harmonic distortion and signal-to-noise ratio.

3. The sound atmosphere is different

The main design purpose of AV power amplifier is to create a sound field, emphasizing the sense of orientation of the sound, and simulating the atmosphere of the listening environment, while the Hi-Fi power amplifier is designed for high fidelity, and pays attention to authentically amplifying the signal sent by the signal source. To appreciate music, vocals, etc., and pursue the real effect of sound.

Can an AV amplifier be used as a HIFI amplifier?

For those who pursue high-fidelity sound quality, the answer is no, for the following three reasons:

1. The AV amplifier has insufficient power when playing music with a large dynamic range

The output power of the AV amplifier in the two-channel state is greater than that in the four-channel state. Playing music with a large dynamic range is obviously overwhelmed, while Hi-Fi amplifiers appear to be unhurried.

2. AV power amplifier wiring affects the sound quality

The AV amplifier is equipped with a variety of video and audio ports, and is connected to multiple groups of audio and video signal sources. The signal lines are many and complex, which is very easy to cause mutual interference of signals, so that the original rich high-frequency components of high-quality signal sources are attenuated or interfered. , so that the high fidelity effect cannot be achieved.

3. The fluorescent screen of the AV amplifier will interfere with the sound quality

There is a large fluorescent display on the AV power amplifier panel, which displays characters under the drive of pulse signals, which will radiate a lot of electromagnetic interference around, which will obviously affect the sound quality.

Of course, if your requirements for sound quality are not too high, AV amplifiers can also be used as HIFI functions, but the final effect is not so ideal compared to professional HIFI amplifiers.

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