Why are monitor speakers sold individually?

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Why are monitor speakers sold individually?

                                      Why are monitor speakers sold individually?

"Monitor speakers are mainly used for music practitioners, music production, or music performance venues, etc. To a certain extent, they will not consider portability, but pay more attention to the stability of sound signal transmission and anti-interference. Professional monitoring speakers are one channel corresponding to one channel. Root audio cable. Professional sound card connection speakers are divided into left and right channels, one channel corresponds to one audio cable. No matter whether the monitor speakers are active or passive, they are not divided into left and right channels. Connect to the left channel output by the sound card. The channel is placed on the left, and the right channel connected to the sound card output is placed on the right. In the later stage of film and television soundtracks, 5.1 surround sound and other systems are often used, which requires multiple speakers, not necessarily pairs of speakers. Yes Sold only.

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