Why choose a tube amplifier?

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 Why choose a tube amplifier?

                                         Why choose a tube amplifier?

The main reasons are:

1. The vacuum tube power amplifier has a warm and sweet tone, which is more durable and not harsh when playing music, while the tone of most transistor power amplifiers is relatively cold and hard.

2. Due to some commercial excessive publicity, the magic of vacuum tube power amplifiers is also exaggerated. In addition, most of the tubes of the tube amplifier are exposed, and the workmanship is exquisite. It is also a work of art. It has some cultural flavor and is also a kind of beauty. Maybe some people find it more charming to listen to music when they look at a few tubes that emit a faint soft and warm light.

Working principle of vacuum tube:

The principle of the vacuum tube is that electrons are emitted by the cathode metal plate and received by the anode metal plate at the other end. Typically, there is a grid between the two that controls the flow of current in the vacuum tube. Taking the cathode voltage as 0 V as a reference, the anode voltage is typically hundreds of volts positive (+V), while the grid (barbed wire) electrode is normally negative (-V).

Vacuum tubes can be divided into direct heating and indirect heating. When heated, the cathode of the vacuum tube emits electrons. Because vacuum tubes take time to heat up to function, speakers that use vacuum tubes take a long time to activate.

vacuum polyode

Common vacuum tubes can be divided into diodes, triodes, tetrodes, and pentodes, which literally represent the number of basic "poles" inside the vacuum tube.

The first is the "cathode" (represented by K): it is the place where the electron flow is released. It is a metal plate or the filament itself. When the filament heats the metal plate, the electrons will dissociate and spread in the vacuum glass bottle. inside.

The second pole is the "Plate" (Plate, represented by P), which is basically the outermost metal plate of the vacuum tube. The outermost dark gray or black metal plate of the vacuum tube is usually the plate. The screen is connected to a positive voltage, which is responsible for attracting the electrons emanating from the cathode, using the principle of attraction of opposites, as the end point of the electron's free travel.

The third pole "grid" (Gird, represented by G), from the perspective of structure, it is like a circle of thin coils, like a fence, fixed between the cathode and the screen, the flow of electrons must pass through the grid And to the screen, a voltage is applied between the grids to control the flow of electrons. It acts like a faucet with the functions of circulation and blocking. However, triodes, tetrodes and pentodes all have the same basic Amplification function.

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