Why do you need install a home theater?

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Why do you need install a home theater?

                                        Why do you need install a home theater?

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people choose to install home theaters. Some people may ask, why install a private theater? Is it different to go to the cinema? Here, the family film circle will tell you why you should install a home theater?

Reasons for choosing to install a home theater instead of going to the cinema:

1. Children are noisy and hard to manage

Going to the cinema will inevitably encounter parents with children, and it is basically difficult for children to keep quiet, and it is difficult to calm down when they are noisy; and parents who choose to take their children to the cinema will inevitably encounter their own children. can't control it. It is very affecting the viewing experience for myself and others.

2. Chat, play with mobile phones, block the screen in front

Almost all people who go to the cinema to watch a movie go together. Some people will discuss the plot and even spoilers. If they sit with them, they will go crazy; It is better to watch TV at home when playing with a mobile phone and the screen of the mobile phone is dangling; some people do not consider the feelings of the people behind them, and they sit very upright, so that a person’s head appears from the bottom of your screen, blocking the screen without speaking, and sometimes even I can't even see the subtitles, so I don't know what I'm talking about.

3, walking back and forth, the position is biased

The movie starts, and you are preparing to watch the movie. At this time, someone is late and has to come in, so bear with it. Halfway through the movie, someone wants to go out, so you bear with it. Because the newly released blockbuster did not grab a good position, I could only sit separately with my friends, and I was very biased, so I continued to endure. Suddenly, I wanted to go to the toilet, and I was in the back position, so it was inconvenient to go out. Can't stand it! It is still comfortable to watch a private theater at home, the best location, watch it if you want, stop if you want.

4, the sound quality is not good

Some commercial theaters only take making money as their goal, without considering the feelings of moviegoers, and good equipment is very expensive. In order to reduce costs, they buy some equipment that is not particularly good to reduce the audio-visual effect; Unprofessional staff debug the equipment, and can't meet the effect they want at all.

5. The highlights are cut out

We all know that many foreign blockbuster scenes will have some violent and bloody scenes, and these scenes will be cut out during the film review, which will make people have some confusing, incomprehensible scenes before and after, and Some curious friends came just for this clip.

6. Layout problem

In order to consider profit and crowd flow, many commercial theaters in China put some movies starring Xiao Xianrou at prime time, so that audiences who want to watch some literary films can only watch them in the early morning. Like the domestically well-received movie "A Hundred Birds and the Phoenix", the publishers kneeled down and asked for the film in order to arrange the film, which made people feel very angry and helpless.

7. Only new movies

Except for a few theaters that focus on emotional subjects, all movies in theaters can only watch newly released or recently released movies. It is almost very difficult to experience very classic movies in theaters. And the home theater can realize the replay of classic movies, what you want to watch, how many times you want to watch it, and when you want to watch it.

To sum up, if there are conditions at home, it is really, very recommended to install a home theater. And when you have a set of home video equipment at home, you can also choose K songs, play games, and have fun with friends, which is really convenient. It only costs tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands to install a set of family shadows, which many families can afford.

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