Why is hifi so expensive ?

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Why is hifi so expensive ?

                                          Why is hifi so expensive ?

Usually, you can often see the phrase "under 10,000 yuan to listen to a sound" on the Internet, and there is some sense of distance in the ridicule. In the eyes of most people, the value of audio products is not directly proportional to their price. Spending a lot of money to buy a pair of headphones or a pair of speakers is a very luxurious thing for many people. Young colleague, took a high-end earplug, plugged in the mobile phone and listened for a while, and said, "It makes no difference!" This "insignificant" improvement has also caused many people to be skeptical about high-priced audio products. So, be it a pair of high-end earbuds or a pair of high-end speakers, what is their true value? Why are some flagship models priced as high as tens of thousands of yuan?

First of all, let's discuss a philosophical question, that is, is this thing worth it? What is value? What's not worth it? Someone might compare the selling price to the pricing of the product, and the lower the selling price, the better the value. However, I personally prefer to compare the price with the value of the product for personal use. Even if the price is not low, this thing is very valuable to the user, so it can be said that this thing is very valuable. In other words, there isn't actually a very clear line between what's worth and what's not, it mainly depends on the person who uses it.

Expensive, there is always a reason why it is expensive. The reason here not only refers to the sound performance of the product itself, but also the attainments in design and the premium of the brand itself. Haven't I been learning about audio vocabulary lately? These sound qualities are real things, and the expensive flagship products have naturally achieved the best level in these aspects, and the rest is just a preference for the sound style. High-end audio products are still in niche demand, and it is impossible to reduce the price through mass shipments like mass products. Moreover, some flagship-level products are often a symbol of brand strength, and the brand itself has not considered how much to earn. Don't worry about why it's so expensive.

To sum up, the pricing of high-end audio products is directly or indirectly related to market trends, R&D and design investment, brand premium and product positioning.

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