Why should you install a car subwoofer?

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Why should you install a car subwoofer?

                                 Why should you install a car subwoofer?

The frequencies of the sound include highs, mids, and lows. They are like your house, with a roof, walls, and of course a foundation to support them, but the reality is often that the bass of the original car audio is weakened, and their experience tells you that there is a lack of The driving life of a car subwoofer is like this:

scene one:

If you just come out of the cinema and turn on the stereo in your car, you will find that the difference between the car stereo and the cinema is not a movie ticket, but you are driving hundreds of thousands of cars without enjoying the shock of dozens of movie tickets. experience.

Shocking experience The feeling mainly comes from the bass part. The original car audio usually does not have a bass system, so the shocking experience of the original car audio is impossible to talk about.

Scenario two:

When partying or traveling with friends and family, when you come across a song that everyone is familiar with, you can’t help but hum along with it. At this time, your car’s bass is not very powerful as an “accompaniment,” and it cannot create a very good music. Ambience.

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Excellent bass can make music have a passionate sense of hearing and create a contagious musical atmosphere.

Scenario three:

When your stereo is just playing his songs, it will feel like the picture on the left, dry, thin, and dull. If you install a car subwoofer, the sound will change. Rich, full, rich.

The bass is extended so that the music maintains its natural tonal balance, sounding deep, wide, full, and clear.

Scenario four:

When listening to music while driving, you will always hear some low-frequency noises faintly. They come from the friction of the tires and the ground, the noise of the engine running, and the wind shear caused by the collision of the car body and the air. These sounds often weaken the bass of the car.

When the bass performance of the car audio is not outstanding, it will be covered by various low-frequency noises of the car. On the contrary, strengthening the bass effect of the audio can well "shield" the noise.

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