Why you should choose monitor speakers?

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 Why you should choose monitor speakers?

                                                  Why you should choose monitor speakers

Faced with the current variety of monitor speakers, everyone will be somewhat dazzled. So before choosing monitor speakers, you must study the following knowledge carefully, which can help you make the right choice!

WHY CHOOSE MONITORS Monitors need to deliver as accurate, uncolored sound as possible that truly expresses the composition of the music. When you're recording, editing, mixing, or processing bussed audio, a pair of clear-sounding speakers ensures that your mixes are delivered smoothly to end-user headphones, TVs, cars, and other audio systems. Note that we prioritized accuracy over a few points when choosing speakers, and we've listed them again to help you find the best monitors for your environment. Active Monitoring VS Passive Monitoring Although there are a large number of active monitoring speakers (with their own amplifier circuits) on the market, here is a reminder that the growth of the recording industry has always been accompanied by passive monitoring speakers (additional amplifier circuits, namely power amplifiers, are required) , it is important to understand that there is no difference between the two

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