WiSA Wireless Speaker Technology Makes Home Theater More Convenient

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 WiSA Wireless Speaker Technology Makes Home Theater More Convenient

 WiSA Wireless Speaker Technology Makes Home Theater More Convenient

With the rapid development of home audio and video technology, a dizzying variety of hardware and software systems have been produced. The traditional home theater audio is faced with the problem of too many audio connection lines in the living room environment. For example, a 5.1-channel configuration requires at least 5 speaker lines and 1 audio line. The more channels, the more wires are required. As a result, in the living room with limited space, it is necessary to ensure the sound effect and the beautiful wiring, which has become a headache. Later, a set of high-quality wireless home theater speakers completely dispelled all concerns. In the past, when we talked about wireless, we believed that we would think of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. These two wireless transmission technologies are widely used and cover a wide range of applications. They are almost everywhere in current life. But for wireless home theater equipment, we can also have WiSA. Its appearance can completely get rid of audio cables for theater speakers, make placement more flexible, and use more convenient, which can well solve the problem of using home theater audio in the living room environment. .

WiSA is a hardware and software standard for wireless transmission of high-resolution digital audio from a source device to up to 8 channels. It is highly reliable and can transmit audio at sample rates up to 24-bit/48kHz or 24-bit/96kHz, which WiSA says is twice the quality of CDs. The specification also allows WiSA systems to support 3D audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. WiSA-compatible home theaters are plug-and-play, allowing users to place speakers anywhere you like, as long as they can be plugged into a wall outlet. This eliminates the problem of wiring the speakers and, in some cases, the need for an A/V amplifier (more on that later). Your WiSA components connect to each other wirelessly, which makes the setup process easier.

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