Wifi Smart Speaker

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 Wifi Smart Speaker

                                           wifi smart speaker

The wifi smart speaker is the latest research and development product in the speaker industry, and it will replace the Bluetooth speaker as the main product in the audio-visual industry. The wifi speaker has faster transmission speed, longer distance, and true lossless playback, which is good news for friends who like to listen to music.

Appearance characteristics

The appearance of wifi speakers is generally compact, portable, and convenient to place in different locations at home, and you can easily enjoy the music feast even when you go out to play.

The main function

WiFi patented connection technology

The speaker is connected to the music terminal via WiFi, and can be directly controlled by APP software. Different music can be played in different rooms through the software, or the same music can be played in different rooms at the same time. Not only that, you can also connect more music terminals together.

Multi-point multi-room

Through the official mobile phone APP to wirelessly control multiple devices to play music, complete the management of multiple devices under wireless networking, so as to realize the concept of wirelessly controlling the entire home theater. This is the biggest highlight of wifi smart speakers, and wireless speakers on the market are not uncommon. , But it is quite rare for products that can control multiple speakers to play the same or different music at the same time and are very stable.

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