Wiring method of car power amplifier

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Wiring method of car power amplifier

                     Wiring method of car power amplifier

1. There are split and integrated (common for subwoofers) car power amplifiers, with 2-way, 4-way, and 6-way speaker outputs.

2. Wiring method: The power supply has three terminals, +12v (+24v for carts), control terminal (REM), ground (GROUND) or ground, +12V terminal is connected to the positive electrode of the battery, and the control terminal (REM) is also connected to +12V , that is, it needs to be turned on after the car is started. Give the power amplifier a turn-on voltage before the power amplifier can work. Because the power amplifier consumes a lot of power, it will not work when it is parked. Speaker connection and signal input are connected as usual. Some are connected with plastic multi-position plugs, and the wiring position must be clearly identified.

3. The connection method of the subwoofer is the same as the power supply. The passive subwoofer can use the split power amplifier bass channel bridge method, and the two speaker wires are connected to the + end of the left and right channels to increase the output power. - The terminals are connected, no need to connect.

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