what are wall speakers?

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what are wall speakers?

                                                  What are Wall speakers ?

The wall speaker is a kind of ultra-thin speaker that is effectively combined by the wall painting and the speaker, also known as the flat panel speaker. The power amplifier and sound are all built into the wall, which does not occupy space, and is integrated with the decoration, and the sound quality effect is clear and natural.

Wall speaker 825s

Effect: Edit Broadcast

(ie: it looks like a painting, it is a song, the music is sent directly from the screen, and it is a speaker without speakers)

Principles of sound production: editing and broadcasting

The sound is produced by exciting the bending waves in the sound-emitting plate by an exciter (driving body).

Scope of use: Editing and broadcasting

Home theater system, home background music system, public broadcasting system, multimedia audio system, computer audio, etc.

Occasion: Editing and broadcasting

Personalized home decoration, cafes, teahouses, restaurants, classrooms, conference rooms, public transportation, public leisure and entertainment venues, public broadcasting and other places;

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